Joy/Sadness and Baymax

I am heading to Epcot for an afternoon/evening only (it is our arrival day) and I am planning on grabbing a Fastpass to the Character Spot. However, I am afraid that when my DD notices that Baymax and Joy/Sadness are there, too, she will want to see them. Does anyone have an idea of how long I should allocate for these meet and greets? I am going on a projected CL4 day.

Joy and Sadness can be a bit of a wait, but even on a higher CL day (6?) I don’t think we waited more than 20 minutes. Baymax tends to be very short, under 10.

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Okay, thank you! She can probably be talked out of Joy and Sadness if the line is long, but she loves Baymax, so it is good to hear that his line is usually short!

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Slightly off-topic story share:

Our family tends to be quite the realists. For example, we don’t do Santa Claus, and none of our kids have ever really been interested in the character meet and greets since they see them as just actors playing a role, etc.

Anyhow, our last Disney trip, we convinced are DS6 to do a meet and greet with Chewbacca. Surprisingly he agreed. We waited in line, and somewhat anticipating that he’d not talk or change his mind. Instead, when he finally got his turn, he wasn’t interested in Chewbacca the Star Wars creature. He just took the opportunity to ask him where he could buy a RED LIGHTSABER! That’s all he wanted, and figured the guy in the Chewbacca costume could help. Chewbacca, staying true to character, made Chewbacca sounds and shrugged a lot. Finally my son slapped his forehead and said, “I should have picked one that spoke English!”

This year, at Universal, my wife managed to convince him to do a meet and greet with Spider-Man. When he got up there, he just started asking him about how the webs work, and do they stick even in the rain, etc. The guy was a sport and sat down and started to explain the science behind how his webslinger worked. They talked for two minutes and then got the obligatory photo.

So, in our case, the character meet and greets just, well, don’t amount to much! :slight_smile:


We waited about 25 minutes for Joy and Sadness and probably15 minutes for Baymax. The CM told us the wait was about 40 minutes but it did not take that long.

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We went last Monday night around 8pm and there was absolutely no wait, we just walked on for Baymax. He was literally standing there waiting for people. He is soooo cute!!! the wait for joy and sadness was longer bough, about 20 minutes but the character interaction was awesome.

I believe we waited 15 minutes for Baymax, the line for Joy/Sadness was a bit longer so we skipped it but it moved relatively quickly.

I loved meeting Joy and Sadness – one of the (many) highlights of my trip.

I got chatting to someone in the queue so it was difficult to judge how long the wait was. Less than half an hour.

I make no apology for posting this photograph again!