Journey of Moana opening date?

We are working on an April 2023 trip. Anyone hear if Journey of Moana will be open by then?

Hard to say, right now. Disney is working fast and furious at Epcot now, but…is it fast and furious enough? That’s still a year out, though…so…anyone’s guess.

There has been nothing formally announced as to an opening, though.

Thanks Ryan. I assume Tron will be open, so Tron, Remy, guardians of the galaxy, and maybe Moana for new rides to hit. That’ll give me a year to figure out Genie +

Moana isn’t really a ride. More like an outdoor water experience. I would say it is a fancier version of the jumping fountains over near Figment.

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Hopefully like the Kali River Rapids on foot.

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I wonder if Moana will be the longest construction project to date for Disney. Didn’t the construction walls go up in Fall 2019?

That award has to go to Tron. The MK railroad has been off line since before the summer of 2018.