Jollywood Party

I don’t love this how busy this tee is- but it made me think of the Swifties that my be attending Jollywood (@Flavita, @LTinNC82, @Jeff_AZ …ok I really don’t remember who is or isn’t attending)


Love it!

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I’m not going to Jollywood Nights but I like the shirt. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ooh I want that t-shirt, even though I’m not going to Jollywood


I’ve been trying to find something fun to wear. I think I finally found it! Amazon has these sets of vests, ties & pocket squares (I’m not gonna wear a jacket though!!) What do y’all think? I could also just get a fun Christmas print button up shirt

This is just one of MANY to choose from:

This shirt will match my Ears though and I wouldn’t need to get a plain white button down to go under the vest. (I own only one of those & I use it for my Harry Potter cosplay at UOR)


My subjective opinion. I like the vest and tie. I despise the shirt. (I’d use the word hideous.) But’s that just me. It reminds me of something I see the guys wear on the WDWNT videos. Which I also think are hideous. In the words of Barbra Streisand: Less is more. :slight_smile:


I absolutely love the vest idea! The shirt would probably be more comfortable though. I am a more is more person when it comes to Christmas though.


Vest! Vest! Vest!!


I decided to order them both. The vest combo “should” arrive a day or two before I leave for Orlando, but the shirt is next day Amazon Prime.

I’ll see if they both arrive on time & how they fit / look in person. I can return the other…

At check-out Amazon suggested this jacket…

I’m tempted to buy it, wear it, return it… :rofl: :innocent:




For anyone who has been or who goes and reports back, let us know if there are any “must-try” foods! With only 4 hours we can’t do everything, so I want to pick the right food! I don’t drink, but am going to try to get to all 3 mocktails.


That’s good for a Ladies Man costume and nothing else :laughing:

I like the shirt and I like the vest but I don’t think I’d pair them together. I’d do a solid color with the vest if you go that route. DH is wearing a red vest too and I’m wearing a green dress so together we are Christmas!

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That jacket is…extra!

Reminds me what one might wear if one were playing the part of a circus master! Think The Greatest Showman!


@darkmite2 Re: vest - one of the podcasters I listen to got an “affordable” vest off Amazon. Lovely thing and he looked fab, just as you will with this.

Word of caution: when it rained, the dye from the “affordable” vest ran onto his white shirt underneath. Worn alone after the fact, that white shirt looked as though it had been involved in a murder.

So maybe just be aware, in case of rain, and wear a shirt you don’t care about. In case this one is “affordable” too


Thanks so much for letting me know!

Was it Rhino from DisUnpluuged? I saw his outfit & loved it!

No worries! That wasn’t the plan. That would be a clash for sure! I just want two options to check for size & making sure I have “something” fun to wear. The vest should arrive by next Tuesday and I leave that Thursday.


No it wasn’t Ryno :wink:

It was Jeremy from Main Street Magic


I like the vest combo much better. The shiny red jacket looks too costume-y, and I bet it looks cheap in person.


I like the vest, but you could wear it over a white T-shirt or an other white short-sleeved sport shirt and skip the tie and handkerchief. It’d be festive enough, and more comfortable.


Having an “outfit” has gotten me more excited for the night. Plus, I watched DisUplugged livestream today. They went through all the improvements and even gave a positive review for the “popovers” that I was debating trying