Joe Rohde @ Comic Con

Saw on Facebook that he’s there with some of the pandora crew, hopefully we get some news about pandora!


Oooo. Was there any news @keithloveswaffles?

My hubby told me today he wants to go to Comic con east in New York in October and DM. I can see it in the cards there will come a time when we go to comic con in California and I will go to get to Disneyland.

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No big announcements. This past week, it was announced that he will be heading the Marvel properties
so he must’ve been getting his nerd side ready. I saw tons of pictures of him with Ninja Turtles, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. as well as other Imagineers walking around. Must be a tough job.

Eeek! Comic fan!
May I inquire as to your DH’s favourite comics @gabmom?
Special collections?
Boastable items?
Please feel free to brag!!!

Not sure, he has a ton of comic books.

Hubby just got home and said his current favorite comic book us Rat Queens.