Jingle Cruise

Just saw on a blog post that the Jingle Cruise is coming back in Nov. Does anyone know if it'll be similar to last years? Hoping it's better this year.

What are the lines like for this during the party? Any recommendations for when we should try to do this?

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When does it begin, and is it "jungle" or "jingle" all day/normal park hours?

This says it starts November 7th:



Think I remember that there was a bump in wait times b/c of the overlay. So, thinking the usual go early or go late or get a FPP applies. You could always look at the actual (not predicted) wait times last year for the day you're interested in this year. And, of course, check out the forecasts for this Fall/Winter. Maybe FPP it btw 4-7 on a party day? I did it a couple times last year but neither day was during a party.

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While the overlay happens, the only version available is the Jingle Cruise: park open to close. Last year it wasn't a lot different than the Jungle Cruise. Many of the same jokes with few Holiday jokes mixed in. Was disappointed honestly. Few decorations in the que, boats renamed, nothing (as I recall) in the scenes on the attraction itself. Hoping WDW goes more over the top this year.

Last year they gave out mini posters to the first jingle cruise riders, so -if you're there- try to hit it early on the 7th!

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Is it running during the party? http://www.easywdw.com/uncategorized/seven-dwarfs-mine-train-waits-during-the-first-halloween-party/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=seven-dwarfs-mine-train-waits-during-the-first-halloween-party

Good question, JC is not running during MNSSHP.