Jingle Bell jingle jam 2018

Whatever that thing is called, I just learned about it yesterday. When should 2018 dates come out? Looks like it should be in the middle of our week and I’m having a horrible time figuring out my plan. It’s messing with my ADR’s as well. Thanks!

When are you going?

At the moment, Disney have scheduled the Star Wars show until the end of September, so that’s 4 months ahead.

Usimg that as a guide, the November schedule should be out around July.

What you can do is use historical data as a guide, which you can find here somewhere… hopefully someone can find it for you.

I think it started around mid November, in place of Star Wars. Until the 16th December when they show both. The 1st year, they showed SW at 6 and JBJB after Fantasmic. Last year they swapped it round, JBJB early and SW late.

I’m going Nov 11-17. Last year it started on the 14. So I can’t determine if I should just schedule HS later in my week. I originally had it towards the beginning.

I think it may have started earlier than that - they were advertising the first dessert party date last year as November 9/17. Part of our night time show decisions were on their not being Star Wars. If there is Star Wars we may have to re-evaluate.

Ok, thanks

How plausible/enjoyable would it be to try to catch all 3 in one night?