Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM to replace SW Fireworks for the Holidays

Just thought I put this up here for info purposes…

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I hope more days are added … it only goes to Dec 10. We are there the 11th thru 16th … and planning HS for the 16th with a F! dining package already.

I’m sure where you’re getting this date from; it’s scheduled to run through December 30st.

The “Show in Plans” calendar is only showing dates thru Dec 10 for me. Our rez is thru Dec 17.

Hollywood Studios has only been releasing dessert party dates a few weeks at a time.

Dessert Party dates are bookable through December 10, by phone only at the moment.

I’m just looking for it on the schedule, not necessarily for dessert parties or anything like that.
I’ll try back in a week or so, maybe it will show up then. I hope there will be FastPasses for it

Is this a new show? If not, has anyone been to it? What about the Desert Party? We already have a 4:30 ADR at Minnie seasonal H&V. Considering if the Desert Party is overbaord after a buffet??

Brand new show using SW projection technology. FPSps doubtful; just dessert parties.

We haven’t been to HS yet and I had booked an F! Dining package. But I went ahead and booked the jingle bell dessert party. Doesn’t sound like we will be able to do both. Opinions on which is better or must see?

Are you on the dining plan? I have a F! Package booked since it is a good value on the DP if you are planning on eating at the restaurant since it includes an appetizer. Will you return to wdw? F! is always there- I would do the FWs.

Thanks I was thinking both those things. We do have DDP and with the app and lunch time fitting nicely before we break from the park means I would keep the ADR anyway. Unfortunately don’t have parkhopper and just feeling like its not worth $300 more to see F! on another night. We’ll just have to go back :wink:

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I’m just sad this doesn’t start until the 14th. The week we are there will be the week after they stop the Star Wars fireworks and Jingle Bam doesn’t start until the following week… I guess we picked the wrong week haha

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The Star Wars fireworks go through 11/12 so you should be able to see them. Only 11/13 doesn’t have a show as the new fireworks begin 11/14.

Is it going to be possible to see both, on a night that F! Is only offered at 7?
I love the holiday show idea, but this is a once in a lifetime trip for us, and I would hate to not see fantasmic, which we got the dinning pkg for.