Jingle Bell. Jingle BAM Returns this year

It will be in place of the Star Wars Galatcis Spectacular, right? I’m not thrilled. It got blah reviews last year and I was really looking forward to the Star Wars show during my trip in November.

Last year it was - to begin with.

Then they scheduled both each night. I would hope they do the same this year. Seemingly it was a technical issue of loading two projection shows, but they sorted things.

Fingers crossed!

Any idea on which nights it will be shown? My DHS day is a Monday. Seems like it was shown every night last year? I heard it’s not amazing, but I’d rather see something other than Fantasmic! (we’ve seen it plenty at Disneyland). I would be happy with either this or SW show so I guess it doesn’t matter which one is scheduled on my day.