Jingle Bell Jingle Bam @ HS 2018?

Anyone know if Jingle Bell Jingle Bam will be at HS this year? We missed it last time…

I can’t imagine that they won’t, but nothing has been released for the Christmas Season (other than party and CP dates), and probably won’t be for at least another month.

Exactly what I was thinking. Do you recall the JBJB show times last year???

They changed during the season. I didn’t have a trip planned, so I didn’t pay too much attention to specifics. For a period of time it was the “first” show and SW was the “second” show. Then I think they went to JBJB only for a couple of weeks right around the two Holidays. I’m sure others with first-hand experience will chime in…

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For the last two years, , the JBJB show replaced Star Wars sometime early November.

And then, after December 15th, both shows ran.

The first year (2016) it wasn’t planned to bring back Star Wars, mainly because of technical issues running the two shows each night, and they made the decision very late. So Star Wars ran first (6pm) and JBJB continued as the evening show with desert parties etc.

In 2017, it was planned for both to run from Dec 16th until Dec 31st. JBJB ran first, with desert parties and Star Wars ran after Fantasmic, again with desert parties.

I suspect the same thing will happen this year, so do CMs working at DHS, but no confirmation yet they will run both again. And because there is no SW movie release, some people aren’t sure if they will run both.

In 2017 JBJM replaced Star Wars on 11/9/17.

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Any idea what time JBJB will be? Making a dinner reservation at PTD from sometime between 5 and 8pm close? Don’t want to be inside while it’s happening.

When are you going to be there? If only JBJB is on, then it will be around 8 or 9, depending on when the park closes.

If it’s when both shows will run, then last time it was shown around 6 and Star Wars the later one. But it could be the other way around. :cold_sweat:


This is why I’m asking too! We have two HS days planned. We love that park and especially w/ TSL open! We have Fantasmic dinner package one night w/ H&V Minnie’s Holiday Dine. Other. night we’re doing regular Mama Melrose dinner, just want to be aware of JBJB time.

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Was JBJB every night or only on certain nights?

Every night.

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