Jingle Bell Jingle Bam Dessert Party

I REALLY don’t want to plop down for this dessert party, but this will be our first time seeing this nighttime spectacular and we are going to be there during the week after Christmas (I know…). Anyway, I’m already spending the cash for the NYE fireworks dessert party so we can actually enjoy that in MK so I don’t really want to do two parties. How hard is it to find a decent spot for JBJB? We don’t care about front and center, just a decent view without waiting in a single spot for an hour prior.

I can’t say with any precision on Jingle Bell Jingle Bam, particularly that week, but 2 weeks ago my son & I were able to walk up and get a great spot for Star Wars for a 10PM showing that amazed me. Wasn’t overly crowded and we had a great view. It’s a different data point, but made me optimistic that a dessert party wasn’t really needed for the HS projection shows, but perhaps we got lucky that night…

What was the crowd level?

I didn’t see JBJB, we decided to skip it and just see Star Wars instead (we were there when they did both), so I don’t know how projection heavy the show is.

But assuming it’s similar to Star Wars, you do need to be able to see both lots of projections, which does mean getting in front of the huge towers that they project from. Otherwise it becomes just another fireworks show, without huge pyro because they cut it down due to issues with the launch site.

The fireworks accompany the projection show, not the other way round.

This was on Friday 7/20 which it appears the Crowd Calendar says was a 5 at HS. I think everything was projected in the 7 to 8 range for our week and ended up lighter than expected which was a nice surprise…