Jingle Bell Jingle BAM - Dessert party or nah?

Trying to decide on booking dessert party or just catching the fireworks w/o dessert party. I don’t know if I feel the price is totally worth it for some cupcakes etc…and I don’t know if I want our HS evening to be that structured and have to allow extra time to arrive early for the dessert party when we could be enjoying rides, etc…thoughts??

FWIW we are passing on the dessert party. I considered it for SW-meeting stormtroopers! But for just another holiday FW show, we’re a nah. Based on the chat I’ve seen, though, we’re a minority for sure. For context, I don’t care to see any of the other nighttime shows or fireworks, either, except Illuminations sounds cool. Would have loved MSEP again but that ship has sailed. We’re also interested in the Electrical Water Pageant. I think we’re weird, but there ya go! An opinion!

No, I hear you! I just know we can see the fireworks in plenty of places besides the reserved section. Considered the Tomorrowland dessert party at MK a while back but decided against it after lots of rewviews/opinions. Like I said, I think we’d just like to have a lot of that evening free before the show. :slight_smile:
As for the water pageant, we love it…we’ve seen it many times while waiting for the boat from MK back to WL. Have you seen it before?

If I was going to be there during the party dates I’d snag one right away! No question.

I think a lot of your decision comes down to how much is having the reserved area for watching the fireworks worth to you and your family? I will admit, I’m planning on doing the dessert party once it’s available for the dates that I’ll be at the world in December. For me it comes down to the fact that I only have to pay for myself (one advantage to being single without children, don’t get me wrong, I love kids, I just don’t have any of my own) and as a shy introvert, I don’t like having people invading my personal space. So for me, the dessert parties are worth it because I know that I’ll have a decent view of the show without having to stake out my place in advance, and I am that person who would spend the time that I’m in the party sitting on the ground claiming my place, so for me, I will do each party once to see if it’s worth it. I’ve done the tomorrow land terrace wishes party, back in December of 2014 when it was less expensive, and I did Starwars and Illuminations this past August. Of all of them, the Starwars party, which I would expect the Jingle Bell Jingle Bam party to be similar to, is the one that I would do again without question. The other two just aren’t worth the cost for me at this point for what you get. Though, if I were going to the world at a super busy time I’d probably change my opinion in that.

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We tried to get the Desert Party as soon as we found out about but was sold out for 12/02. Had to call Disney Dinning as it wasn’t online.

We have not seen the water pageant! I’m hoping we can fit it in, i.e. stay up for it. Disney just announced the Star Wars fireworks will be on our first two nights in Orlando, but we weren’t planning on being in a park those days. Sigh. Now wondering if they are worth seeing from outside the park. Even if they were on our DHS day, I still don’t think I’d do the dessert party. I had too much trouble with my DHS day as it was, so don’t have a chunk of time to give to that. My DS wants to do JTA at dusk/after dark, and we’re eating dinner at 50’s Prime Time, so our evening is pretty full.

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We just booked our tickets for the Jingle Dessert Party for Dec. It was slim pickins for the time that we are there. I think the tickets are going fast. I had to move some dining reservations around so that we could go on the night available. Still bummed it is not Star Wars. I have to agree with @Jadesfire21 that the decision comes down to you and your families desires. This trip is just my Best Friend and me and we build in our budget some splurges for dessert parties. If this party is anything like the Star Wars dessert party it should be pretty good. The majority of the reviews that I read about that one were very good. I hope you have a fantastic trip!

Thanks for all the input! I think we’re just going to skip the dessert party, we can still see the fireworks w/o it! We already have breakfast planned at H&V that morning, planned on doing lunch/dinner at dockside diner and (hopefully) Pizzerizzo as I’ve heard lots of rumblings that it’ll be open by then. I don’t think I want to squeeze in a ($246) dessert party on top of all that, lol! We also want to do JTA, just not sure what time, I think I’d rather leave all other time free.

Anyone have any guesses on who the VIP character you get to mingle with at the party will be?

I have no idea, was wondering that myself!

We are planning on touring HS on November 17th, and the dessert party is not offered that night, as far as I can tell. We currently have reservations for the Prime Time for 5:20, and are allotting an hour for dinner. We would really like to see this show but would we have enough time to get a decent viewing spot, assuming we leave the restaurant at 6:20 and it starts at 6:45? If not I will cancel the reservation. Since the dessert party is not offered that night should I assume the crowd level is expected to be low, and have an easier time getting a good viewing spot?

I’m undecided but leaning towards not doing the dessert party. I had been seriously considering the Star Wars one, as I liked the fact that it started inside and you could wander around Launch Bay. For me the main reason to do JBJB dessert party is the kids would have a good view. Reasons not to include the price, limited seating, being outside, DD5 might sleep through it, and you still need to exit the park afterwards in the midst of thousands of people. I’m also undecided on the Fantasmic DP, I have one but I think I will use my breakfast ADR instead. Current plan is to do either JBJB or Fantasmic on our HS day, and keep another evening free incase we want to come back. I’ve been thinking about doing the Fantasmic DP, seeing JBJB and saving our Fantasmic tickets for another night. It sounds like this might work? even though it’s not technacally allowed. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has or does watch the HS show from a non prime position, I’m wondering if it’s still good even if you can’t follow the storyline. While we would like to see both JBJB & Fantasmic I’m not sure either are worth a seperate visit to HS, not when you take in the time to get there and back plus the waiting before the show and the slow process to leave afterwards.