Jiko or Sanaa?


We arrive Thursday evenin and are staying at AKL. We have reservations at Sanaa. I’ve seen so many recommendations for Jiko. Should I switch?


How about both?!


Ask me this question and my answer will always be Jiko! I like Sanaa for lunch ( beautiful view) and we split the bread service and maybe an entree and dessert. It is a nice, cheaper meal.

Jiko is my favorite restaurant- anywhere ( Tiffins is a very, very close second). It is beautiful, has great service, but most importantly the food explodes with flavor .


Jiko!!! It was SO good! The service was fantastic for me too!


Food is good at both. I like the atmosphere better at Sanaa. Twice at Jiko we’ve been seated so close to other parties that I felt like we were almost sharing our table with them (that long banquette section). We could definitely share conversations.


I would pick Jiko. It is my favorite by far. For me, it has been a must do. Last year, proposed to my girlfriend, and this year we went there for our Honeymoon. When you walk in, you can almost feel like you are on the Savanna during the opening of the movie - The Lion King but a live version of it. My favorites are App - Wild Boar Tenderloin, Main Course - Oak Fired Filet with an South African Red Wind sauce it comes with a bed of bobotie Mac and Cheese, and for Dessert - Mauva Pudding. It is amazing and I have been able to cut my Filet with my fork like going through a medium cooked hamburger.
The 2018 edition of the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World rates Jiko 4 1/2 starts for quality, value - 3 1/2 stars, readers responses - 97% thumbs up, 3% thumbs down.
Sanaa is rated at Quality and value 4 starts, with reader responses of 95% thumbs up and 5 % thumbs down. We have never tried Sanaa, had thought about it but ended up passing as the menu didn’t appeal to us near as much as Jiko.
Last year we did a trip report (12/17/16 - 12/27/16) with many signature and sit down dining locations. We did spend much of the reports on our thoughts and lots of pictures of the dining we did along with the prices. Here is a link to the final report on the last trip - http://wdwtripreport121716to12271.blogspot.com/
We are working on one for this past visit (Our Honeymoon from 12/19/17 to 12/31/17)


David, thanks for sharing your trip report. I hadn’t seen it before. I have some picky eaters in my extended family so have stayed away from Jiko but I think I will have to try to add for my next trip


I’m glad it helped. There is one report for each day and then the over view. We are planning working on doing the same with our Honeymoon vacation to WDW. It will include all our dining along with our thoughts and lots of pictures. Hope you enjoy that one too


Looking forward to seeing it! Congratulations on your marriage.