Jiko, Boma, Citricos, Kona Cafe with kids


Looking to book a dinner or two at one or more of these restaurants. Staying at Poly so easy to get to Citricos or Kona but Jiko or Boma we would need to take a cab. Have 2 boys ages 5 and 7. Thoughts or advice on these restaurants? Thanks


Took DD5 and DD9 to Jiko. It was great, we loved it. Disney has food on all the menus for kids, so that is not really too much of a problem. Obviously Jiko and Citricos are going to be longer experiences, so you many need to adjust based upon whether your kids are ok for longer meals. Our daughters do well in restaurants and so we had several signature restaurants on our list.

Atmosphere and menu at Jiko were great and we enjoyed it immensely.


We’ve only done Boma from those, we really enjoyed it and it’s not a quiet one so no problem if the kids can get loud.


Having done both, I probably wouldn’t repeat Boma. The food at Boma was good but Jiko was great- can’t wait to go back!

That said, I’m not a big buffet fan and typically only do them for the characters.


AKL is supposed to be an amazing resort to visit, so it might worth going to dinner to have a look!

I have not tried either, but I planned linch at Sanaa to see the savannah and visit the resort.


Kona is basically an upscale Denny’s and Boma is a zoo, so there should be no problems at all there. The other two are signatures and it just all depends on if your kids can sit quietly and enjoy a 60-90 minute meal without disturbing the other diners.




We did Jiko and Boma a few years ago with our then almost 6 year old twins.

Loved Jiko. As noted, not much to do for the kids, but if yours are at all used to going to nicer restaurants, it shouldn’t be much of an issue. It does feel like a nice dinner out, which is what my DW and I were looking for. Kids tried some more adventurous foods, but I think probably went for something easy at end of day. I remember the desserts were quite fun…and tasty.

Boma is a big buffet, and plenty loud as noted. So kids were fine. But for DW and I, it didn’t feel as much like a nice dinner out. But yes, zebra domes.

I know Sanaa isn’t on your list. And probably for a good reason. But that might be the one I would recommend, especially if you are going to get there before the sun goes down. Kids can watch the animals, and it seemed more geared towards kids than Jiko, yet still felt quite nice. And good cuisine – like all three really.



Thanks. I have a lunch reservation at Sanaa during daylight hours to see the animals. The other restaurants I mentioned would be for dinner. Based on feedback I’m leaning Jiko.


Of the two signatures, Jiko would be my choice😀


I just switched our adr for Tiffins (heard some not-so-good reviews today on Chat). Switched to Jiko, which I always wanted to try. Big fam trip, so assortment of adventurous meat lovers,vegetarian ethnic foodies and picky eaters. Jiko menu has something for all of us, it all looks yummy.

Boma used to be our go-to brunch for departure day, for a few years. Less expensive than Jiko of course, so there’s that. It’s just not a place we’ve returned to in a long while. It was good, but not great.

You will also love Sanaa. Lots to like there.


I’m another vote for Jiko. It’s my favourite signature on property by far. My kids love it as well. We’ve eaten there 4 times. I can hardly wait for #5. :smile: