Jersey Week

I have been hearing so much about Jersey Week and how croweded the Parks get at this time. What exactly is it and when is it this year? I am planning on going 11/8 to 11/14. Am I running right into it?

Yes. You will probably run into Jersey Week. Schools in New Jersey have the week off and they all head to WDW! But, other than being asked what part of Jersey I was from… I didn’t notice them and I didn’t see an increase in crowds. Don’t sweat about it too much @rdamico!

You won’t run into Jersey Week as the Teacher’s Conference is on the 5th and 6th (Thurs and Fri) and Election day is the 3rd. Not all schools are off for the whole week and those who are out, are off mostly off from the 02-06. Veterans Day is on the 11th (Wednesday) of the following week so that really doesn’t coincide with Jersey week. I live in Jersey and it’s a great time to visit Disney, I hope people keep spreading these “Monster Jersey Week Crowd” rumors as it seems to actually keep people away. Make your Touring Plans, FOLLOW them and you’ll get hooked on Jersey Week.

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Thanks to you both for the information. Very helpful!!