Jersey Week this year

Yeah, i’m sure that driving might be even easier since that wouldn’t be as easy to track, I imagine.

I wish I spelled soul correctly. It’s enough to scare me from flying and ignoring the quarantine. It is not clear if the fine could be per family member.

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Jersey week coincides with a school break for my kids (election day +1) so that’s when we’ve gone and will go again this fall. Everything is relative but I haven’t found the crowds to be too bad and the weather is usually pretty good. Bigger issue for your proposed dates may be runDisney- they have races scheduled that weekend that haven’t been cancelled (yet?). Not sure how many of those folks will go anyway, that Saturday & Sunday were 8’s on the TP crowd calendar pre-covid. But this year all bets are off…

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Yeah, I question how many people would return to NJ and actually quarantine.

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None. We just lost our indoor restaurant privileges because a few shore eateries decided that capacity limits and social distancing didn’t apply to them.


Fact of life: if a family goes to FL and they have children in school- those children will immediately start their day with (even if they promised their parents they will not say ANYTHING) “guess where we went last week?”