Jersey Week this year

Hey guys, I am contemplating booking our (Universal) trip for the end of Jersey Week. Sat Nov 7 - Wed Nov 11. Normally I would avoid Jersey Week, as I have heard it can increase crowds. But then I realized… isn’t New Jersey one of the states currently under travel restrictions? Who knows what it will be like by November, but maybe Jersey Week will be “cancelled” this year.

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As of last weekend, NJ is under the 14 day quarantine travel rule. The travel advisory applies to anyone coming from a state with a positive test rate higher than 10 per 100,000 residents over a 7-day rolling average or a state with a 10% or higher positivity rate over a seven-day rolling average if you are coming in from a high average area. (Like FL is currently having)

I can only tell you what’s happening in TN, but here the schools are planning on taking much fewer breaks. They want a more condensed academic calendar in case some if not all of the year is “remote learning”.

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Isn’t Jersey Week based on a school calendar?

I think all school calendars are very much tentative at this time. I would say when and if bookings open for 2020 you should take what you want ASAP and then cancel if it is not appealing once the date gets closer.

Lousy, but we are all in a tentative wait and see life right now. Gone are the days of planning ahead. Tough for us planners for sure!


I just looked at a few NJ calendars and November 5-6 is still showing at NJ PD days but who knows if that will remain? Nov.11th is a holiday for schools.

NJ families might not go to FL because they will need to quarantine on return. I think that will be true for many states.

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Yeah, that does make sense. And thank you for the details on the travel restriction! I try to watch the Coronavirus thread, but sometimes it all blurs together.

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That’s true. Hard to know for sure until we get closer to the Fall start. And yes, AP rates at UOR come out for November, I will be booking right away. They have been really great about quickly refunding when I’ve had to cancel our previous hotel reservations.

Good to know! I couldn’t remember if schools take Veterans Day off. We don’t have kids, so I’m out of the loop!

Our 2020-2021 calender has already has Nov 5 and 6 as off for that week in NJ. Now whether or not the NJ teachers convention actually even happens this year is a different story but the days off will likley remain.

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NJ visitors might also be required to quarantine 14 days in Florida. The executive order in Florida has no expiration date. 28 days…

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Right, which is hilarious considering CT is on that list and last I checked FL has twice as many cases as CT.


Thanks @vblank, that is good to know!

Right, that is why i’m wondering if many NJ residents will travel to FL at all this year. Unless restrictions get removed.

There a lot at play here so hard to say. Florida has to drop thier mandatory quarantine for NJ residents, NJ also has a quarantine in play for return. However, this is an ever changing and rolling list that NJ has. If floridas numbers improve then they come off the list. If thier numbers dont improve and the quarantine in NJ is still in play in Nov it can be bypassed with a negative covid test apon return. Only time will tell and a lot can happen between now and Nov.

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Plus the vacation time actually on property … 5 weeks or better


Good point. That is a TON of time! Are the 14 day quarantines actually enforceable though? Seems like if someone from NJ really wanted to visit FL, they could possibly find a way around it.

I’m in NY. Here is what was in our local paper had 6/27.

Many other governors have imposed similar mandatory quarantines for people visiting or returning to their states, but New York’s order imposes hefty civil penalties — up to $10,000 — for anyone who violates the requirement.

Although the governor said there would be “random checks” to enforce the quarantine, he hasn’t said how those would be done or whether police would use checkpoints to question travelers. He also indicated that the state — although it’s unclear how — would be able to access the travel itineraries and monitor people flying into New York airports.


I would think that they would need reasonable cause to search this stuff.

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I agree but if a traveler returns and is involved in an outbreak it’s going to be a problem. That unlucky sole will be fined and made an example of.

This happened just before the executive order.

There are ways…
Many of us fly from Philly.

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That’s true… that might help deter some people at least.