"Jersey Week" and no availability at Epcot Resort/moderate crowds

I’m trying to capitalize on 1.5 days off from DDs school which happens to be what everyone used to call Jersey Week. Anyway, I already have a reservation for a WL Villa; but, when I was looking to downgrade without an offer all of the the Epcot resorts are booked and all lower priced rooms around MK booked. The crowd/resort levels look moderate to low. I just returned from a week after Easter trip with crowd levels of 10 and rooms were easily available. What’s the deal? Is there something else I don’t know about?

I forgot to mention the exact dates of 11/4-11/10.

That’s wine and dine 1/2 marathon. Ends at Epcot so everyone wants to book there

Ah ha. It’s not on the crowd calendar. I wonder why. But, that would certainly explain it. Thanks!