Jerky Rides


Our first trip is in October and I need a bit of help determining what rides my DH should avoid. He’s 49 and has Degenerative Disc Disease. He’s also a long distance runner and very active.

He doesn’t have a problem with running or walking but occasionally has a flare up and has to use an exercise bike instead. He’s had this about 8 years and has had flare ups about 2-3 times a year.

All the ride information I get says to basically avoid everything. Lol. What should he realistically avoid?

Obviously TT
RnRC was much tougher in the back than towards the front.
TSMM can be jerky on the turns

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Dinosaur is super jerky.
Space Mountain is very jerky.

Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, Pirates, FOP, Spaceship Earth, Living with the Land should all be fine.


Thank you TT wasn’t obvious to me. I can’t tell from the video, so thank you.

Thanks! I saw the quote above and thought you were going to say they are all no-go’s. Lol.

And as mentioned Dinosaur and space mountain are on the definitely not list.

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And star tours is probably not great either.

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I agree: Star Tours is super jerky.

Soarin is very smooth, so I would do it.
Buzz Lightyear is fun and not jerky. Peoplemover is good too.

It’s a Small World and FEA are probably fine too. Navi River Journey is good.
I think rides with no safety bars and no height restriction should be pretty good.

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I have chronic neck problems, and the jerky rides really bother me too. Besides the obvious, I would tell you thatExpedition Everest was much better in the very front and 7DMT is the SMOOTHEST roller coaster-type ride I’ve ever been on.

Off the top of my head here’s what I think:

At MK I would avoid: Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, Tea cups, Barnstormer
At Epcot I would avoid: Test Track, Mission Space
At HS avoid: RRC, HTT, and TSMM. I don’t know yet about SDD and AS2
At AK avoid: EE (unless you want to try the front), Dinosaur, Primeval Whirl

He should be good for most everything else. There is still so much to do!!


Thanks! I’m super surprised at TSMM - I had no idea.

Thanks everyone. That is super helpful.

Everything that has been listed was good but the boat rides when starting and stopping can be jaring and also the bus rides can be.

But most of all avoid at all cost MY WIFES DRIVING.


I have occasional back issues, but mine are more muscular than osteo. These are my recommendations. Any of the coasters could be an issue; SM is by far the worst - I would defi avoid that one. RRC is also pretty rough. EE has a good deal of vibrations, but no real hard jerks. Dinosaur is one of the roughest in WDW (but I love it too much to skip it.) I don’t think TSMM should be a problem; it jostles s bit, but it’s pretty smooth. I’m surprised that people are saying TT; it’s never impressed as being “jerky” (but I don’t ride all that often as I just don’t really like it all that much). Teacups are notorious for inducing nausea, but they don’t really put much strain on your back. All of the “dark” rides should be fine. I hate to m nation it because it’s one of my favor rides in WDW, but KS drives over some areas of rough terrain, so it does jostle you around a bit.

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TT does a lot of breaking and driving in ice and that part is very jerky.

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Yeah, I forgot about those parts. It’s been 5 or 6 years since I’ve ridden it. It was never my favorite, and since the retheme I like it even less.

Ha! Roger that.

Thanks! My memory of SM from when I was 12 at DL is not really helpful. That one has been a surprise too. I’ve seen some ride videos, but it isn’t always easy to tell.

Disneyland Space Mountain is about 30x smoother than WDW Space Mountain. SM at WDW is more like Matterhorn, nicknamed by some the Batterhorn.


Toy Story jerks quite badly when it first starts up from the loading area. After that the starts and stops are much smoother. So once I am in the car to ride TS I brace myself until we are moving, and then I am fine for the rest of the ride.

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Thanks everyone - I appreciate The info!

Thunder Mountain has been known to dislodge kidney stones, so you may want to avoid that one. (Unless he’s got a kidney stone.)