Jeff Said I should change this title to (Question about me) Changing Dining Plans

I have a few questions about modifying / cancelling both ADR’s and Mobile Orders.

  1. ADR’s - Do you have to cancel the “day before” or “24 hours before”? Basically, 3pm ADR must be cancelled before 3pm day before or just anytime before midnight if the previous day? Is one way around this to modify to a later date (if you can find one), and then cancel?

  2. Mobile Order - Could you book multiple mobile orders (Docking Bay 7 and Woodys Lunch Box) and then cancel any time? Is there any downside to that? What if you booked the same meal for multiple time slots bc you’re not sure what time you’re going to eat lunch?

I’m trying to balance what the system allows with being flexible without also being an a-hole (in a stunning series of events today, there were no mobile order slots at Hollywood Studios bc of one person).

Thanks all! T-minus 4 days!!!


Cancel the ADRs the night before (usually by 11:59 PM but that’s cutting but close :wink:

If you mess up…I have been able to modify to another day, the day of the ADR, and then cancel, but sometimes it’s hard to find an open date.

Some like CRT have a two day cancel policy but not very many.

For mobile, you can get your order ready and just kit press “I’m here, make my order” if you decide not to eat.


Your credit card will be charged for each MO you make but will be refunded if you cancel it. Lots of discussion about what people have tried and the results on this thread.


I’ve heard people are having issues doing the modify and then cancel trick in the app at least. So best cancel by midnight the day before.

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You can only make MO or to go orders on the same day. Are you referring to ADRs?

Yes, OP asked about ADRs, when you had to cancel by and modifying first.

On our 2 HS days, we had A&C adr’s. We decided to not do A&C on our second day. The evening before, I could not cancel but was able to modify to the next day and then cancel right away.

Eta: “Breakfast” ADR’s

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Anyone else think this thread was either completely obsolete or contained an announcement based on the title? :joy:



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Fixed it for you @Jeff_AZ and @Julianne_fki




Jeff is a real bossy dude.


Seriously? I didn’t think that was possible? How could one person fill all the slots?

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I think they’re saying, “I don’t want to cause this to happen” not that it did actually happen. :slight_smile:


I made multiple MOs every single day of my most recent trip never knowing where I would want to, er I mean where you all would want me to eat

It was a non-issue to cancel or even modify them. If I didn’t cancel they were autocancelled at park close.


Sorry. Thanks. I was going to say… yikes!

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But wouldn’t that cause other people to not be able to place a order? Or at least potentially?

I suppose that’s a possibility. But if you create your order and select your time early in the day it’s very very unlikely that that would happen.

And although I wouldn’t say I was there at a peak time, there was never a time I couldn’t modify any of my orders to a different pickup window, leading me to believe there were plenty of slots open. The difference might be whether there are slots open now vs hours from now. And I didn’t want to take the chance of not being able to eat at a time that worked for me. So I placed them early in the day.

Also I don’t see it as different than people making multiple ADRs with the intention of using only max of one once their plans are refined.

I’ve always been fine canceling ADRs by midnight the night before. On a couple where I did not and modified/cancelled the day of recently, A&C was no problem but BOG charged me. Luckily it was only for 2.

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