Jedi training

Can an expert confirm for me that the strategy for getting you child in the Jedi training show is different at DL vs WDW? We are going to DL in October and this is a must for our son. Thank you!!

Kids are selected from audience, about 25-30 kids. Arrive 15-20 mins before, kids in front row of seating area, parents behind. Kids should be enthusiatic, wear Star Wars/brightly colored clothing. DL liners says they go by height, shorter ones fight Vader, taller fight Maul. Also if younger kid follows instructions well & is precise, might fight Maul. One liner here a couple of weeks ago during slower times, all kids were selected.

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Awesome. Thank you! Would you suggest a costume? We are going mid October, Halloween time anyway, and he can rock his Luke Skywalker costume. We got him into th HS when he was five, only for him to get sick and miss his chance. I want to do thus right!

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That would be cool!