Jedi Training Tips please

We are planning an early June trip and are scheduling HS during the last Star Wars Weekend. My 6 year old is super excited to do Jedi Training but I’m nervous about securing a spot on such a busy time. Do they only take reservations for that day not the next? Any thoughts on the crowds that last weekend or other strategies for getting a spot? Should I choose another day to go to HS instead of waiting till Star Wars Weekend? Thanks!

No you can’t pre book People will be queuing from 5 am ( or earlier) to get in. Best bet is be at the park entrance 60 mins before it opens and walk very quickly. The child needs to be with you at sign up. I would go on another day instead as it be super super busy

I haven’t done Jedi Training, but I do know that they will only take reservations for the current day. If it’s incredibly important to your kiddo, you will very much want to be there as early as possible. One way to give yourself an advantage is to book an early breakfast at Hollywood and Vine - before rope drop. You’ll be in the park before the masses, and can make a sprint over there as early as you can manage.

To be honest, though, I’d recommend changing the day you’re planning on HS. I think the last SWW will be a madhouse at the Studios.

Sounds like a good idea to do another day. The H&V Star Wars breakfast prices are out of this world! They sold out though in no time! Will plan on another day! Thanks for the advice!