Jedi Training Strategy

OK TP’ers…in the last week before lift off for WDW…our HS morning is a 7am EMH (8/22). How quickly do the Jedi Training slots fill? It’s a surprise “must do” for my 9yo grandson. Staying at BW so easy walk to get there before RD. Best strategy to snag one of the first JT slots (my TP plan has us getting the 940am slot).

I would sign up before heading to TSL (if that is where you are heading, of course).

Also be aware that the walking path is diverted right now due to the construction of the new resort bus “station” area. So allow an extra 10 minutes to be on the safe side.

thanks Nick…yes, heading to TSL after signing up. doing the TSL thing then character breakfast at H&V before JT and our FP+ stuff…thanks for the heads up on the walking path

Have a great time!!

I’d suggest, if you have your heart set on 9:40 am, to be in line to get into the park no later than 6:30 am. The beauty of staying at BW means you won’t have to leave the room until 6:15am (ish.) Also, nobody else has to be there, just one adult, and the grandson. I’d offer to let others in the group show up later and you can meet them. Or, another way to word it: one adult and the grandson can be the first ones to shower and get ready (and then LEAVE) while others are getting ready.

Just don’t be late.

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We were there Saturday. We were in line for sign up right before 8 am (because we were tired people. We are staying at Beach Club). They offered us a spot in 9:40 (which actually didn’t work for us).

The latest WDW Prep to Go podcast talked about this. According to the CM she spoke with, few people are signing up at park open now. Everyone rushes to TSL. I can’t remember the details exactly, but I will try to go back & check tomorrrow. I think she said basically everything was available until 9am and often had openings until noon or later. I will try to re-listen tomorrow and update you!


When we were at the park on Saturday, there were still spots available when we checked in at 1:50.

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thanks gang…great insights…very much appreciated