Jedi Training Strategies?

So DS5 would love to do JTA. What's the best option?
1. Be there at RD and sprint to sign up?
2. Book a pre RD Hollywood and vine res and sprint to sign up?
3. Do an EMH morning and sprints to sign up (I'm guessing it doesn't open until park opening?)

We were offsite so went on a morning with no EMH - we were lucky because we missed RD on a 9.3 day and there was no line at all and we got the first show. So if you make RD and walk with purpose you should be fine.

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We just did this in May with our son. Got to RD and went straight there (didn't sprint, but walked with a purpose). We got in no problem and got the 2nd show. People were still signing up when we returned for our actual show time. Granted it was a very low crowd day, but I would think being there at RD would work fine.

We tried RD on a day that ended up being just crazy and did not get in. Arrived 30 minutes prior to RD and lines were well beyond the bag check area. So I ended up doing H&V next day and was able to get into the first show. DD LOVED IT.

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We went from RD and took a 12:30pm slot so we could do a fpp and have lunch. I wouldn't advise this in August -- it was incredibly hot and there is practically no shade in front or on the stage where the kids jedi robes. I could see sweat pouring down ds' face. Our two boys loved it and are glad they did it but DH and I were melting and once they finished we were all done in. Took a longer break at the pool than planned and ended up missing the rest of the things we wanted to do in HS. Of course, we solved that problem by going back a year later smiley Just know that doing this does eat into touring time so if you can plan another 1/2 day at HS it might be a good idea.

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How long did you have to wait in line?

Not very long at all, maybe 20 min. You're waiting in line to sign up for a time, so it moves fairly quickly.

The dash to the line was chaos, CM's had no crowd control. But once everyone magically pushed and shoved their way into line, it took about 20 minutes. The event itself has 2 groups and one fought vader on the top stage and the other darth maul at the ground level.

We were definitely there on a low crowd day as there was only one show so everyone got to fight Vader. Glad you were able to get in!