Jedi Training Signup Time

As my daughter has said she wants to do the Jedi Training, my question is how long does it take to sign up? We will be there at RD. Need an estimated time as I am setting up our touring plan with a start time delayed as long as it takes to sign up to better estimate wait times. Also will plan on late afternoon for my daughter to do the Jedi Training as it appears that is around the time our touring plan has us in the Echo Lake area.

I too am signing my son up for touring plans…my daughter is not interested. I cannot answer your question having never been to Disney world but having read ALOT of posts lol I can give some opinion.
I have created all personalised plans. …so I choose the rides and shows I think they will like. The sign up time (I believe ) is as soon as the rope drops and it can take a while even at rope drop so we are getting there about 45 before park opens to try and be at the front of the line.
My plan has our first schedule show at 0930 thank God. …it’s the frozen show. So even if we do take a while to queue we are not missing anything and it’s the first show of the day.
Also I have read it’s best to sign up for a show in the morning due to the rain in the afternoon which can cancel shows and they are not rescheduled. Ours has been placed at 1130 but you have to arrive 30 min before and it does take about 30 min to complete so touring plans may not be quite accurate particularly when you have no idea what space you are going to be allocated if your chosen slot has already been taken
Its been my hardest day to plan as my son loves star wars and we don’t want to miss anything!

I am sure you will get more advice for those that have been too. Happy Xmas

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If you’re there preRD you can sign up in about 10 minutes. Remember that afternoon shows may get rained out - well any show could obviously! But afternoon is more likely.

It’s always my hardest day to plan too! But we do multiple days there anyway. Last time we chose the show I had planned around, but the time before they made us have the first show, and I’d planned for the second. It messed up the whole day. That doesn’t seem to happen any more though.

Sounds like what I should do is plan to sign her up for a morning show, place that time into my touring plan on my phone, evaluate to change the waiting times, do the show, and then optimize the the rest of the touring plan for the remainder of the day. Thanks, everyone!

Only one issue. … from memory …and i may be corrected on this…it doesn’t gIve you the half hour before the training you will need! Make sure after you optimize you can manually add a 30 min break in the park to allow you time to arrive and then press evaluate so it doesn’t mess up the order of activities for the day. Can you tell I have been playing lol

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No you’re right, it doesn’t.

We got straight in line from rope drop and it took about 20 minutes. This was the first week of Dec.

20 minutes sounds right for us too. We went in October on a CL 7? day and used EMH right at rope drop. We signed up for a spot later in the afternoon, so was easier to get the time I had planned for. We rode a few rides then went back to resort to swim. Later we went back to HS for lunch (50s PT tight next door to sign up/meeting spot) and then to our show. It worked out great and seeing my son in the show was spectacular!