Jedi training sign ups

We are going to be at HS on 5/17. I plan on getting there one hour before rope drop to sign up for Jedi training. Will they make us wait until right at 9 or do they start early with sign ups. Was hoping to actually be at toy story mania for 9 since FPs not available.

They usually open early and hold everyone at internal ropes. You should be able to sign up and get back in good position to go to TSMM.

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The sign up is beyond the internal rope though at Indiana Jones Adventure Outpost, isn’t it? Or are you saying once the rope drops, sign up first and then head to first attraction?

They hold people just before HBD. They used to let you go off to sign ups and then go back to join the queue, before they started walking you back. I have no idea if they still do, my kid has aged out of JTA.