Jedi Training Sign Up

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for incorporating the Jedi Training Academy sign up into my HS touring plan. Do you really have to run right there like I’ve read? I am ok with getting a time slot later in the day, if that matters. I’m just not sure that I want to waste prime park opening time signing up for the experience.

If a place is a must for your kids, you need to rush straight there. If they can take it or leave it, you could risk getting there about 30 mins after opening. There’s just no way to know on any given day how many kids will want to sign up, but it fills fast! The earlier you are there, the shorter the queue so you use less touring time by signing up straight away - but you do need to be early.

I know it’s a pain to incorporate it into a touring plan, we ended up totally winging our HS day. But they will work around your FPP and ADRs as much as possible.

Remember the child has to be with you to sign up.

Yes Its up to you and how imp it is to your kids. Most slots are gone by 9.30 queue reaches 45 minutes depending on crowd level even rushing at rd doesn’t mean you will get a slot

For reference, I was there on a crowd level 4 day. My son and I went straight to the sign-ups (were at the front of the line at rope drop, walked quickly) and still had to wait 30+ minutes in line to get a Jedi time slot. It was a little after 9:30 when we got our ticket and there were very few options remaining.

Like others have mentioned, if this is a must-do, I would take your child who will be participating and head straight there. If there are others in your party, they can check out another attraction while you go to sign-ups.

I will give you my experience as a comparison to the previous post.

We went on a 9 day. The park opened at 8.45, we didn’t arrive until 8.55 and went straight to sign ups. There was one child in front of us who got the first show. They tried to make us have the first show but reluctantly allowed us to have the second. At 10am as we were about to go to the stage, they were signing kids up to the 12.20 show.

You just never know. My experience was unusual but it happened. However as I said earlier, if it’s a must you need to arrive early (pre RD) and go straight there. It took us less than 5 minutes to sign up. If you’re ahead of the crowds, even if it’s super busy, you shouldn’t waste much time.