Jedi training sign up with a Late start

We will be at HS on January 21(cl6). It’s our arrival day. We will hopefully be at the park by 1:30 pm. Is there any way I can hope to get a Jedi sign up that late? Anything else i can do? It’s our only day at HS and I know this would mean the world to my 8 year old star wars fan.

I wouldn’t count on it - in fact you may want to set the expectations that you may not get a slot. BUT, we did get to HS last December around 1-2 pm on a CL5 day and went straight to signup…got the last two spots in the last 8pm show! So you could get lucky…

It will be tough. People have reported being able to get late afternoon or evening times when someone no shows. That would require you hanging around right before a show to see if someone does not arrive for their time slot. It’s worth stopping by on arrival to at least check but do set expectations so you don’t have a heartbroken little.