Jedi Training sign Up PPO Breakfast CL 6 vs CL4 no PPO Breakfast

Looking for advice.
I had originally planned our HS day on a CL4 day, planning to be there at rope drop to sign up for Jedi Training. I have the whole day planned out with getting everything in, taking a midday hotel break and returning later for F!

Just yesterday I saw something about reserving a PPO Breakfast at H&V, at which you could sign up for Jedi training during breakfast instead of running with the crowd at rope drop. I love this idea. But of course I’m too late for the day I planned and there are no PPO tables available for my party of 6. I did find and reserve a table at H&V PPO for a different day, but it is a forecasted CL6, instead of 4. If I did this I would switch my AK day which are both forecasted CL5’s at this point. Park hours for both parks/days remain the same.

I copied my HS TP for that day and changed the date, evaluated and my wait total times only changed by about 10 minutes, so that’s good, but I’m not sure how that’s possible given the CL4 vs CL6. Maybe one reason is we get RnR and TT out of the way before 10am and the rest of the day is mostly shows.

My other issue is if I switch my AK day, a very early morning in which we were planning to RD FOP, this follows HEA the night before at MK. I’m afraid a late night/early morning would be too much back to back.

So, my options are:

  1. Keep HS CL4 day, plan to RD Jedi training signup but keep looking for a PPO H&V reservation (I put in a request using the touring plans table finder)
  2. Take the PPO H&V reservation on a CL6 day at HS, no stress Jedi sign up but exhausted for RD FOP . We also wanted to do a late in the day FPP for F! so a CL6 might make it harder to get that.

I’m leaning towards option 1 but would to hear opinions/experience.

I honestly don’t think it will make much difference. I’d just do whichever fits with your plans better. So option 1.

I don’t think it’s that hard to sign up for Jedi training on a CL4 or CL6 day. Just get there early enough and you will make it in plenty of time. I wouldn’t worry about the money for a TS meal unless you want to eat there.

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Regardless of when you sign up, make sure that your jedi is with you when you get in line to sign up. I’ve seen parents wait forever just to realize they can’t reserve a time unless their kiddo is with them in line.

Well, thanks to TP’s reservation finder, I found an 8:25am table for 6 at Hollywood & Vine on the CL4 day that I wanted! The reservation also happens to be part of the F! dining package, so with that, the character breakfast, and early Jedi sign-ups I feel very happy!
Any thoughts on if we might get seated earlier than 8:25?

They let the PPO reservations in at the same time, so it is possible. I wouldn’t count on it though