Jedi Training or RD rides

We have a FP for SDD on the day we plan to due HS, but it’s not until later afternoon. Our trip is planned the week before Thanksgiving, so no EEMH. Our sons (5 and 7) really want to sign up for Jedi Training, but we would also like to RD either TSL or Sunset Blvd rides. Would you rush to sign them up for Jedi Training first at RD or would you hit some rides first and chance that the slots would fill? They would be super bummed if they didn’t get a slot, but we would also hate to burn up precious RD time if we were still likely get a slot after taking advantage of some shorter wait times. So torn on what to do! Would you chance losing the Jedi Training for shorter waits at RD or go to sign up right away to avoid disappointments?

Personally I would sign up first.

And if you have to wait longer for the rides, that’s the price for ensuring the boys get to do it.

My strategy for FPs is always the family’s must-dos, regardless of what conventional wisdom says.

I’ve never had to do this but I’m taking my nephews in December and they want to do it. When you sign up, can you choose a time (assuming availability – I know it books up) or do you have to take whatever you are assigned when you sign up?

You choose a time based on availability.

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thank you!!!

Unless you have a specific time slot you need, RD JTA signups is generally not necessary. I know that was the case but I don’t think it’s been an issue for at least a year. I signed my boys up last Dec 22nd of a CL 8 day just on the fly (around 1 or 2pm). My friend who hadn’t done it in years (her boys are now teenagers) was shocked. We just walked right up and they were in the next two groups (DS1 didn’t want to do it until he saw DS2 doing it, hence the two different groups).

We’re rope dropping Sorcerer Mickey this year and then signing up for JTA as I want a specific time slot.


Also in case anyone doesn’t realise this, you need to have the kids with you to sign up.

A few people get away with not having the kids there, but many get turned away if they aren’t. The CMs ask them 2 or 3 questions to check that a) they really want to do it and b) that they can follow some simple instructions. And maybe c) how old they are if they suspect the young Padawan is too young.

I agree with Nickysyme, I would sign up first. It is hard to figure out whether there will be spots later on or not; late last fall our two older girls really wanted to do it and on a CL 8 day, by the time they were getting ready to be part of the first show (around 9:10 am, park opened at 8am that day for magic hours), CMs were putting signs up that there was no more room for any of the shows that day.
You do need the children there with you, and we had picked a time based on the weather - I wanted to take advantage of morning hours to ride rides, but there were high chances of rain starting around 11am that day so we picked the 9:40am one. The show is outdoors and will get cancelled if it rains, and if the shows are full for the day there won’t be availability to move these children to a different time slot.

I believe if a show is cancelled the kids get a meet and greet with the characters and a photo. So you can still turn up if it’s raining.

Also, if you are truly there before rope drop, you can get to the sign ups and have that done before they release everyone to rides (either TSL or Sunset). You may be a bit further back in the pack doing it that way, but you can still do both.

We will try this. We plan to be there very early, so hopefully we can get them signed up and not miss much! Thanks!