Jedi Training help

Going to WDW in October. Want to sign up DD5 for Jedi Training, but EEMH are throwing me off. Will sign up be offer at 6am or after EEMH? If not and I am in SWGE, will I be able to leave and get back in?
I know a lot of the info is unknown, (SWGE not open yet) but any tips, ideas, and suggestions would help. How does WDW handle EMH and JT now? And if they do offer durring EEMH should I be there at 6am, or can I still get a spot at 7am? Petty sure most arriving at 6am are Star War fans.

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I need these answers, too. Thanks for asking!

Use the Force.


Currently you can sign up for Jedi Training at the start of EMH.

As to what happens in October, I have no idea. But I’m sure that there will always be a huge line to get into Galaxy’s Edge, so once you get in you should make sure not to leave until you’ve seen and done everything you want to. If you do manage to sign up on your way to GE, I would pick an afternoon slot.

So they DO currently offer sign up at EMH. Thanks good to know. Hope they keep it up once SWGE opens, however I am scared that I will be competing with other Star War fans and 6am is a bit early for me.

Oh no there are no times available for Jedi Training starting mid July. Please tell me they’re still gonna be around after GE opens.

I don’t think times have been loaded into MDE very far in advance.

Word is Jedi Training should be around for at least as long as Star Tours is around. Once that gets a make-over, then it may finish but that isn’t expected to be for at least a couple of years.


:wave: I think they are releasing times very late. Times for my date (July 11) just came out last week.

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Thank goodness, DD5 would be super disappointed.
Thanks for response, just had little heart attack.

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