Jedi Training During the Most Crowded Time - Advice Needed

We are taking a trip to WDW between Christmas and New Year’s. Last time we went, Jedi Training was closed due to the addition of new characters (I believe). My son will be 11 so this is his last chance to participate.
What’s creates the best chance for him signing up? Will just getting there early be enough to do it? Or do I need to get a Hollywood and Vine breakfast reservation (don’t really want to eat there)? Is it better to go on a EMH day?
Any advice is welcome. This is my biggest goal of the trip. He’s a huge fan.

I’d give the nod to an am emh day, myself. Especially if you have no interest in a pre-rd adr.
Just get there 30 minutes early, on priority, and KNOW what time slots you want in order of preference. That way you won’t waste time with the signup that should only take about 2 minutes once you are performing the signup. The people signing up that have absolutely no idea which time slot they want can be infuriating - they are wasting everyone’s time, even their own.

We were first in line to sign up for Jedi training when we had an ADR at H&V. If you really do not want to eat there, I think if you get there well before RD (30 min or earlier) you should be able to get ahead of the pack and head straight over to sign up and have no trouble getting a spot. Having the ADR did make it less stressful for us. We really didn’t want to eat there either but ended up having a nice breakfast.

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I had the same experience as @NatLMain. Jedi Training was my one son’s number one priority and literally the most stressful part of planning my entire trip. We did the pre-RD ADR and when I walked right in, waited in no line and signed up for our preferred slot all in less than five minutes, I literally almost cried, I was so relieved and could stop stressing about it. Of course, we had the dining plan, so we weren’t paying out of pocket for an experience we weren’t all that interested in, but, stated, the breakfast was nice and we needed to eat anyway. We were able to get the first slot of the day and then go on with our day,

We arrived an hour before RD, it was an enjoyable wait as we chatted to those around us. At RD we walked fast but did not run like some, we signed up for our preferred slot, were given an anytime FP, and had time to join the crowd waiting to queue for TSMM, this was about 8:50am by now (The queue for JT by 8:50am looked to be about 45 mins long). We were among the first couple of dozen on TSMM and were finished by 9:05am. For a painless experience you need to be at the front of the pack. We didn’t want a pre RD ADR as we didn’t want to rush our meal, or miss any of the characters.