Jedi Training during EMH

A couple questions about Jedi Training:

  1. Can you sign up during EMH?
  2. Is a young 4yo too young to do this?

Yes you can. The age thing depends on the kid. It’s open to 4-12 year olds, but some kids of any age will freak out when faced with Darth Vader.

  1. Yes.
  2. If you don’t think the 4yr old will freak out or anything, then no, not too young. I’d advise filming it with your camera. When really young kids step up to battle, and they are chosen to be announced ( color commentary) it can be absolutely hilarious. The commentator can really be funny when the younger kids battle, and make mistakes, or totally nail it. The kids generally have no idea what the commentator is saying since they are so caught up in the excitement. Photopass peeps will get some great shots, but if you want to film and hear the commentary, have your camera ready.
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