Jedi Training/December

2 questions:
Is Jedi training all year round permanent entertainment? We are arriving December 2016.
Where exactly do I go to sign up? It will be our first trip ever, so I am not familiar with the park, other than the map.

Yes, it is a daily thing at HS! There are a dozen or so performance times and a limited number of slots per show. You’ll want to get your kiddos signed up as early as possible. Depending on crowds that day shows may fill up faster or slower. Kids must be present at signup (last I heard at Indiana Jones outpost store, anyone know if this is still accurate?).
If you get to the signup area first thing at park opening you may have your choice of several time slots. If you arrive later to signup they could be all filled or just a few remaining. Two years ago we went to signup first thing at about 9:30 am and got a mid-afternoon show. Last year we had a late start day and signed up around 1-2 pm and got the 8pm (last) show.
You’ll be instructed to arrive about 20 minutes prior to showtime for practice/setup.


Yes, sign ups for Jedi training are still next to the Indiana jones outpost as of october. As far as I’m aware JTA is offered everyday at HS

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Do note it’s subject to cancellation due to rain. If the stage is wet it’s a slip hazard, which means it doesn’t have to be raining at the time of your show, just that the stage is wet enough still to be an issue. So if you have some flexibility, going for Jedi on a non-rainy day would increase your chances at avoiding disappointment. Not sure how often they cancel, but we lost one a few years ago due to rain - although we did get a picture opportunity with Darth & Stormtroopers behind the scenes of ST which was cool as a makeup…

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Thanks all! I am so disappointed the star wars fireworks show will be cancelled, and even more sad that it will be back 1/1/17 (per disneyblog website), after we are there. My son loves star wars!
Im kind of hoping that it will last until next summer and I can plan a summer trip!