Jedi Training Availability

Has anyone done JTA lately? We won’t arrive at HS until about noon. We’ll have three kids wanting to participate. I’m wondering if there’s any chance they’ll have slots left that late or if I should just go ahead and push it back to another day during our trip.

We reserved breakfast before park opening. Went to reserve JTA before breakfast - 7:50ish. Everything was available, so we took 10:30. When we showed back up for the actual Jedi Training (10:10ish), there were people walking up and getting told it was booked for the day.

That was during a slow week. (week after Thanksgiving, 3-5 CLs)

That’s just one experience, but if you ask the 8-ball, I think it would respond “not likely”.

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That’s interesting. That’s how it used to be too but I’d heard that it wasn’t filling until lunch time now that the mad rush to TSL took the RD crowd. We are going in March and HS day to do early Jedi training and a couple FPP. Glad to hear you can sign up before breakfast.

That’s what I had heard too!! Maybe we’ll get lucky. We are doing the Star Wars Dessert Party that night so it’d be fun to just do all the Star Wars things that day. Not a huge deal as we have another HS day later in the week and are attending EMM that day. So I figure worse case we can go then.

Could you do the star wars guided tour? It’s not that much more than the dessert party and it includes the dessert party and Jedi Training. We’re doing it in january.

I hadn’t thought of that!!! I’ve heard of this tour but never considered looking into it. What else does it entail? Can I bring my 2 year old along?

Also, it’s 7 hours?!? That seems so long. And is it only in the morning? We could technically be in the park that day by 8 but it’ll be our first day and we won’t get to our resort until 8-8:30 the night before and I had planned a late-ish breakfast and mid-day start that day to recover from our travel day.

So, I’m not sure about the two year old…we are taking our almost 7 year olds on it. They are huge star wars fans. We get to meet all the star wars characters with no line. Ride star tours. Do Jedi Training. Get a guided tour of the launch bay. Be a part of the march of the first order. Get special viewing areas for the stage shows. It does say there is a lot of walking, but the reviews I’ve read have been very positive and that it moves slow enough that there is time for resting. You also get lunch. I think it goes from 8am to around 1pm for the jedi training and then you come back for the fireworks.

I was nervous about taking whole day for star wars, but when I explained to my husband, his response was…“and that’s a problem, how?” :rofl: Both he and my kids, and me tangentially, are huge star wars fans. I ended up doing EMM in TSL the day before so that we’d have a chance to do some other things in HS since we definitely need the midday break.

I’ll try to find the review on the forum that was so helpful to me.

Bahaha! I love it. My son (who is 6) has recently become WAY interested in SW so I think he would love it but I think my girls may get bored (8,6 and 2). And I’ve already told them about the dessert party and they are PUMPED about unlimited desserts so I don’t think I can cancel it on them without some backlash at this point. :wink:

We have one HS day (12-8) planned as well as another later in the week with EMM (7-11, break, back from 4-8) so I think we’ll manage to see all we want over the course of the two days. My little type A self just thinks…hey, one day for SW stuff (we have matching star wars shirts!!) and the other for TSL (we also have toy story shirts!!) and I can’t decide which shirts to wear if we do EMM AND JTA on the same day. So hard for my little “everything must fit together perfectly” brain. :joy:

I hate to quote myself but this turned out to NOT BE TRUE !!! When I called back at D-Day minus 60, the tour was fully booked and I could not do it…

Call ASAP if you want to do it !!!

I forgot to say that you also get the dessert party at the end of the day. So it felt like such a deal to get all of that and the dessert party for just a little bit more than the dessert party. BUT I would also have a hard time if the majority of my crew weren’t incredibly interested in SW. I have heard really good things though.

This is me 100%!!! I am making shirts for our EMM TSL day and different shirts for SW day. Actually our kids may be getting stormtrooper costumes to wear on the SW day. I am usually a very frugal person, but Disney has done the best job ever of getting me out of that practice.

Do you have info where it says this is included? Maybe it’s just implied but what I’m reading on Disney’s website only says “reserved viewing” of the fireworks and doesn’t specifically say anything about the dessert party.

I’m so glad I’m not the only one!!

I always thought the dessert party was not included in the tour. If it was, it would drastically improve the value.

You are right! I misunderstood A LOT of reviews, haha. I wonder if at some point it was included and then they didn’t include it? Oh well. I do still think it’s worth the money at this point, but i could understand not wanting to if your kids were set on the dessert party.

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Totally see how you did. I read some reviews that I wouldn’t have realized were no long current…apparently they originally started the tour at 1 pm instead of 8 am. I would be so in if the DP was included.

What’s weird is that it still includes the reserved seating for the fireworks. Not sure why they would take out the dessert party. Anywho…I’m still very excited. And that leaves us a little more time to do the fastpasses I made because I couldn’t bear to go a day without making fastpasses!

I did the dessert party (still dream of that flash frozen nutella) and while it was really nice, I would MUCH prefer the guided tour and I sure hope you are still very excited !!! :smiley:

Between the food and the reserved seating for the fireworks, the latter is definitely a bigger incentive for me. However, the reserved area at DHS is not as awesome as the one in MK.


It still sounds pretty amazing!!! If I had more SW super fans I’d totally go for it.