Jedi Training and the Weather

So I have an awesome HS day planned… and I realized that Jedi Training is scheduled for 3:00 pm. I know that it does NOT happen if it is raining. I also thought that the “daily afternoon rain” thing was more of a summer thing, not year-round.

So what are the odds of a rainout? We’re scheduled for Saturday, March 9. CL of 8. I of course know that anything’s possible, but does the daily rain happen this time of year as well?

If we do get rained out, what are the odds of being able to snag a later time at 3:00 in the afternoon?

I think they may substitute an indoor meet if it gets cancelled. But mostly just replying to say we have plans for HS that day. Hope it isn’t raining. We’re aiming for a late morning Jedi training.

In July I’d almost expect rain then - in March it’s hit & miss. When we did have a rainout we got a special photo opp inside Star Tours with Darth and a couple of storm troopers. Pretty cool. Presume they still do that - if it is your kids first time, you’d definitely rather do the Jedi Training, but if it does rain it’s not a terrible consolation prize at least.

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The special photo opp doesn’t excite me because we have the SW dessert party scheduled for that night, so I think we’ll get lots of similar pics there. I really want them to do the Jedi training.

Just not sure about those afternoon storms…

I would look at the weather that day and then choose a different time if it shows chance of rain.

We were numbers 10-11-12 on the wait list for Jedi Training. (Didn’t sign up until after TSL.). We had hoped to do the 3:40 show. We went back at 3:10 and they were able to take one of ours for the exact show we wanted. The other two were happy there wasn’t room for them - last minute nerves!

I say all of that to say if it happens to be raining and you show up later on a wait list, you might still be able to get a spot!