Jedi Training and Optimizing Touring Plans


I found this old post and it spoke to me! The discussion was super helpful in sorting out our HS plans for this May. The hardest day to plan! Thanks for the post!


Are the star wars fireworks and fantastic in the same viewing area?****


No, Fantasmic! has its own amphitheater past Tower of Terror at the end of Sunset Blvd. The FWs viewing is more central in the areas surrounding the Chinese Theater (Great Movie Ride building). For FWs we stood in Hollywood Blvd.


I'm telling you, planning that day was almost the death of me! It was easier for me to plan the entire rest of our trip than our JTA day. :unamused:


But no really, it's almost been a year since we went & I still remember the planning woes of DHS optimized for JTA.