Jedi training and emh

Tall DS12 wants to participate in Jedi Training. Do I need to prove he’s 12? More importantly, does sign up start earlier during EMH or same time?

No proof needed…the age cut off is supported by the " I’m too old for kiddie stuff…

Sign ups begin at park open or EHM open.

Does that mean I could do JTA? I’m not too old for the kiddie stuff… :wink:


Of course, then pitch a fit until the Storm Troopers show up…

So he ended up not doing it. We watched the show though. Very cute! I wanted to mention that one young Padawan on stage was a little confused and the instructor asked him how old he was. The boy said “three” and the instructor said " Well, that explains a lot! Your parents lied to get you into training!" It was very funny and sweetly done but it did come up.


A question about Jedi Training Academy. My two boys really want to do this when we go in early/mid November. But our favorite ride is TSMM, and I’ve read that JTI fills up quickly. So, when we get there at rope drop do we go ride TSMM (and we’ll hopefully also get a FPP for later in the day to ride twice!) and then go sign up for JTI? Or sign up for JTI then ride TSMM? The crowd level is a 5 for the day we’ll be there. Thanks for your advice!

Conventional wisdom is to go to JTA first and then go to TSMM.

Good to know. Thanks so much!!

Always go to Jedi Training sign up first… always… always… always…


I’m planning to take my kids to sign up for the Jedi trading as soon as we get into HS at RD.

Question, can DH head over to Rock n Roller coaster and save a spot in line for us, or is saving a spot in line “frowned upon”? This is our first visit to WDW, so not sure about “etiquette” of saving a spot in line for attractions…

As far as I’m aware, each person has to hold their own spot, otherwise it’s considered line jumping.


We were there on a crowd level 7 day. Went to JTA at rope drop, waited 90 minutes in line, and just made the cutoff for the last show of the day. If it’s a must do, I would definitely go there first.

Wow … 90 minute at rope drop! I’m officially terrified since going on a 10 day over christmas.

@catdrj is correct. Folks need to enter the queue together.

Did you try? Did it work on a Level 10 day? Researching for a mid-summer trip, crowd levels look like an 8 or so.

We were just at HS on Monday December 28th and successfully signed up for JTA. The crowd level was 10 and felt like 10 X 10!

Here’s how it went for us:

We arrived at about about 7:20AM (it was not an EMH morning) and lined up closer to the left side of the entrance gates. When the gates opened at about 7:45AM we walked briskly and veered left. There were cast members holding signs and directing traffic. We walked just past the 50’s Prime Time Cafe to wait in line outside of the Indiana Jones Adventurers Outpost store where we waited to sign up. Sign ups began right at opening time and we waited about 25 minutes or so before it was our turn. We had many options as there are so many shows and we weren’t aiming for a morning show anyway.

Then we walked to TSMM, but since we’re unfamiliar with the park, we got turned around and went the wrong way. At about this time, someone in my group decided she desperately needed coffee, so we stopped in Starbucks. Sadly, this cost us valuable minutes. By the time I figured out where we were going and got coffee we got in line just after 9:00AM and the wait was about 70 minutes.

If we hadn’t gotten lost or stopped for coffee, I bet the wait would have been between 30-45 minutes and would have seemed bearable.

The JTA was great and I’m glad that we signed up. It was DD’s highlight of the day.


7:20 on an 8am-opening day, correct?

Yes. Posted opening time was 8am.

How long did the whole thing take? Headng there, line, signing up? What time were you headed off to start the rest of your touring plan? (And thanks!)

The “gates” to the park opened at 7:45 and the walk was short, less than 5 minutes. Sign-ups began promptly at 8 and since we were fairly close to the front of the line, we signed up and were ready to begin our touring plan at around 8:20 or so. I’d say the whole process was 35-40 minutes.

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