Jedi Training and EEMH

Does anyone know when they start the sign-up for Jedi Training at HS, can we sign-up during EEMH?
If yes, should we do that first? Our first time to Disney, can’t wait. But booked prior to knowledge of Star Wars opening so it’s throwing my HS plans off. Thank you in advance.


I have the same question. If I recall from my trip several years ago they were open during EMH, but I’m not sure and I’m less sure about the situation with EEMH at 6am.

There was a report today that it is opening around 8?

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I have the same question for next Thursday.

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Anyone have definitive info? We were planning to sign up ~7am before heading out to rides, so would like to adapt my plans if it doesn’t open until 8am.

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The report from chat was the CMs said 8.

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Following this thread - wondering the same thing for our early October trip. Hoping to get our kiddos into the first or second show of the day, so trying to figure out when we should dash over from our EEMH touring to sign up. Sounds like 8am is the current answer; please post if you hear (or experience) something different than this.

I reached out and confirmed that last week it began at 8am.


Awesome, thank you!

If possible can someone post of what the line looks like, are you allowed to line up before 8am to beat the take advantage of the EEMH?

We are going to be in HS on 10/5 (arriving ~ 11am) and 10/8 (arriving ~6am), presumably. If it will help, I’ll be happy to share what our experience is like. We are going to try to sign up for Jedi on 10/5 but recognize there may be no spots with our late arrival (or that available inventory won’t work with our plans). Presuming we don’t get it in on 10/5, we plan to be in like ~ 8am for a spot on 10/8 (and if we do, I presume it will be moot anyway).

Thank you, our trip is the last week of Sept so hoping someone can report this week or next.

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I was curious if anyone has an update from recent visits on this. Donnycon13, were you able to sign up at 8:00am? Some reports that I am seeing say it doesn’t open until 9:00am.

Yes, so on Thursday we showed up to the park right around 7:50. I asked a cast member at the main gate what time the sign ups started for the day and she said the signups had just started at 7:50. That seemed like an odd time, so I’m not positive that is the opening every day, but by the time we made it over to the sign up area, which would have been right before 8 o’clock, the sign ups were indeed going on.

We did the 5 o’clock show which means we had to check the kids in by 4:30. The class/show was definitely not full. In fact the sign was still up showing that there were open spots for the later shows that afternoon.

So unless you had a very specific time you wanted, I wouldn’t worry about being at the sign up right at 7:50.

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Thank you!! at 7:50, were some of the morning slots still open?

I want to say yes, but we were planning on doing one of the afternoon times so I wasn’t really paying attention to the other times. I will say that we showed up within 10 minutes of the sign-ups opening and there was no line. We walked right up to sign. There may have been a few families to sign up in front of us that had come and gone, but not enough could have been through in that time to fill up one of the shows. So I’m fairly confident that all times were still on the table.

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We signed up this morning around 8.50, they offered us the 9.40 slot but went for 10.20, seemed like plenty of availability then although the show was full