Jedi Training after Sept. 29th?

As reported elsewhere, the DW website now doesn’t have dates anymore for this after Sept. 29th. Worried it’s getting axed like all the other stuff. Anyone knows anything ??? :fearful::fearful::fearful:


I would think they would have announced that when they announced the other ‘cuts’ Pirate league show, Rafiki going ‘seasonal’, the citizens of Hollywood at HS.
Considering how popular it is with people still rushing there at RD, that would seem to be a very odd choice.

But they haven’t announced any of that!

That’s news that’s come out from CMs and those with connections to Disney. They might have announced the closure of the Pirate Tutorial, but certainly not the rest.

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I hope you’re right !!! :crossed_fingers:

Man, that is a good point and very worrisome…

We signed up for a Star Wars Tour (that includes automatic admission into Jedi Training) for the beginning of January - so I’m assuming it will still be there… or they’d have to let the people who paid 100 per person to have the tour with the jedi training some warning!

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I really hope it is not going away!!! I was looking forward to this for my boys in December. They (and our whole family) are big Star Wars fans.


This is what I thought as well but I’m not so sure now. I called to book this guided tour and it was fully booked for the date I wanted to do it. They suggested another date to me, which I did not want because the fireworks would not have been the Star Wars one but the Holiday one. Despite this it was the same price. Also, they said all activities were subject to change at any time and no refunds would be given for such changes…

Good Point. Hopefully they would add something else to the tour, though…? Yes :frowning: we are going on a day they are doing holiday fireworks - and I was a little disappointed :(. If they don’t do the Jedi Training, we can at least still cancel within 48 hours for a full refund. I was thinking for a January 1/2/3 time slot, the parks will be really busy and it would be good to get in an hour early and do the Star Wars area without crowds (and man it does include lunch with storm troopers!!).

Yeah I’m right there with you. I would have chosen to still do the tour if it wasn’t for the fact that I can actually see the SW fireworks on one day the tour is sold out (so we got the dessert party for that) and I have only a 2nd day at DHS on which I wanna go see Fantasmic so basically if I had taken the guided tour, I would not have taken advantage of the VIP viewing for the fireworks and so it became not enough value for us but I’m still kinda bummed we’re not doing it…

Ya, good plan. I hope we get some news soon on the Jedi training! I may try to call if we don’t.

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Anybody make a call yet?

Following this thread. Given that Rafiki Planet Watch was my #1 to do for AK and Jedi Training was #1 for us at HS, with my luck Jeti will be cancelled too :sob:

Now scheduled out till October 6th