Jedi Training After Feb 23?

HI, Does anyone know the future of Jedi Training? From now until Feb 23 the Disney web-page lists show times for Jedi Training… But after Feb 23 it just says “no performances scheduled today”. Any idea if Jedi Training will continue after Feb 23?

I have been following for our March trip. The calendar on the Disney website has been updated randomly to include additional dates. Until about a week ago, it was only listed through Jan 23. No official announcements about it closing have been made. Rumors suggest it may close briefly to be relocated to SWGE area once that land is set to open but who knows. Until an official announcement, we can only assume (hope) that they are just updating the schedule more slowly than usual.


I think they just released the dates until Feb 23 a few days ago. We are signed up for the star wars tour next week and when I checked last week, they didn’t have the show times for those dates yet. They must be releasing them a month to six weeks at a time now.


Following. Also, when you sign up for Jedi training, do you sign up for a specific time? Or how do you know whento go? (First timer taking 2 young boys)

You signup for a specific time.

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We are going in March too so fingers crossed! Thanks!

Yep! To sign up you go to the Indian jones area (you’ll see a big line of people and cast members will direct you to the end). When it’s your turn, they will tell you the times available.