Jedi Training Academy?

So I know that this has been stated millions of times, but can’t see to find it anywhere. If my child wants to fight Darth Vader what line should we get in for the show. Thinking that it is the back row, but can’t remember. Thanks!

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Front row. Row closest to the lake. Back row, row farthest from the lake fights the Seventh Sister.

They divided the kids by Wookie’s (big kids) and Yoda’s (little kids) when we took our son. He ended up fighting Vader, but I believe it was because he’s a really big 4 year old. That said he was also originally seated on a spot closest to the ropes by the parents and we’d checked him in first for his show.

There’s a “front row” (i.e. closer to lake - Darth) and “back row” (against building -7th Sister) when they are getting sorted out when they come to check in prior to their show… but at the last minute CMs doing some shuffling, so there’s still no guarantee that you’ll stay in the row you initially sat in.

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Thanks for the responses. I’ll take these suggestions and keep my fingers crossed.

Here’s hoping for an update. Seventh Sister hasn’t even appeared on this season’s “Star Wars Rebels”.