Jedi Training Academy Summer 2019

I’m having a hard time finding much currently updated information about JTA. I’ve searched and it appears that it is still open at DHS despite the closure at Disneyland?

Also, a couple of years ago, we did an early breakfast at H&V. We were able to go sign up for JTA before we even went in the restaurant for breakfast, which was awesome because we were able to just eat and go straight to TSM right at rope drop. Is this something that is still do-able?

Yes and yes.

Although, like at AK, they do let the rope drop crowd in early and lead them to TSL to wait there. So you may find you’re behind the pack after finishing breakfast.

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Definitely expected to not be first in line at TSL, but was hoping this would work out for us. Thanks for the information!

Does anyone know the real times of the shows? Last year the times in TP were different than what they actually were, and with the kids needing to be there 1/2 hour early, it threw off our TP by about 45 minutes…

You can find the current times in the Times Guide: .

Edit: If you find times in your TP are different than on the Disney site, just email . They can update times.

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I’ve heard that a PPO breakfast is no longer necessary to get into Jedi Training. Most people showing up before Rope Drop have reported plenty availability and then plenty of time to get in line behind the secondary rope. Can anyone report on the truth of this?


We did this in March. Arrived before regular opening rope drop. We were let in past security and taps, crowd was being held near Dockside diner and on the main drag. But, we were able to go left, sign kids up for Jedi Training and then join the waiting for rope drop crowd near Dockside.

From photo time stamps, we were in line to sign up for Jedi training at 0828, waiting for rope drop by 0838, walking through queue for Toy story mania at 0857. Big group of 9 with 5 kids, so we were not the front of the pack. Still essentially walked on Mania.


Great detail. Thanks, @SnowWhiteDoc.

Thanks for all the information, I appreciate it! We have an 8:05 ADR with the Disney Jr Characters (taking a 3 yo) so I’ll plan to at least try to take the older kids to sign up before we eat or maybe slip away during the meal to do that.

Going to try to get a Slinky Dog FP and plan to do the other TSL rides at RD. I know we won’t be first in line, but we should still beat enough of the crowd to do it with reasonable waits, I’d think.

I have never signed up kids for JTA. I am doing TSL-EMM this summer.

When do they start the signup for JTA? Is it possible to do sign kids up for JTA without missing much of the EMM?