Jedi Training Academy Sign Up

So, I have two kids that want to do this, d5 and s9. But I cannot find much on the disney site that really explains how to sign up, get reservations, etc. How do we get signed up? and when will they do the academy?

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It’s first-come first-served basically, so the sooner you get to the signup, the earlier in the day your children’s show will be. Make sure you’re at the front entrance at least a half hour before park opening, and follow the signs to sign up. You must have your children with you when you sign up! Hopefully someone will have a bit more detailed info of exactly where to go

As @mAly said you need to make sure you’re early for RD and you go straight there - signups are at the ABC Sound Stage just near Star Tours. You need the children with you and the CMs will ask some basic questions. You may be able to pick a show but it’s not guaranteed. You have to report back 30 minutes before the show starts so it’s a time suck - the actual show is about 20 minutes I think.

There were reports last week that CMs were looking for people in the RD crowd at the turnstiles who were going to sign up and they were actually let in and escorted there about 5 minutes before everyone else got in the park. We don’t know if this will continue but it will be great if it does.

mAlYficent has got it ,get to H/S early CM will be there with a sign to follow. JTA sign up is near ABC sound studio 1st come gets 1st picks on time slots. 12 or 14 per session, I believe once every 45 min . the kids will love it !

If your session gets rained out, you’ll at least get a meet-n-greet with Darth Vader and a couple Stormtroopers.