Jedi Training Academy sign-up slot Question

For my HS touring plan for October we plan on hitting RnR at rope drop then heading to ST. After ST I want to sign my kids up for JTA for the 4:40pm show. Assuming it is not booked can you pick which time you plan on returning? Also, will doing RnR and then ST jeopardize my chance of getting 2 JTA slots? Based on the lines program we will be at JTA sign up around 9:45am. Park opens at 9 that day.

If you want JTA you must go there first, after arriving at least 30 minutes (45 preferable) before the park opens. JTA fills up crazy fast even on the low crowd days. Unfortunately if you go to RNRC and ST first, you most likely will not get a spot. Go straight there. ST can be done anytime, it rarely has much of a line. As for RNRC, head there immediately after signing up the kids for JTA. Also remember you must have the kids with you to sign up. Good luck!


Yes, I am not a fan of RD but I made sure I was there for JTA as it was our number one priority that trip. We got there about 15 min before RD and waited at least a half hour to get our slot (on a level 3 day).

If the 4:40 slot is still open usually you can pick what you want - but be prepared, it might be full.

I would fast pass RNRC to be safe.

Good luck and may the force be with you!

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IMO, using a FP for R&RC is problematic because it really needs to be used for Toy Story.

The solution:
Get there way before RD, go to JTA first.
Then do the SINGLE RIDER line for R&RC next thing.
After that, FPs can be used for Toy Story, ToT, and whatever.
Agree that ST can be worked into any TP without a FP if needed.
Go well.