Jedi Training Academy Ending?


Could this be true?


It did include this, however:

“The travel agent who posted the news said that the attraction at Walt Disney World is expected to reopen at an unspecified later date with some changes.”

I’m not surprised. They are probably winding down things in preparation for revamped versions to be part of SWGE.


When I called 2 weeks ago they told me it was not true…but this looks legit…I am so bummed…at this rate all my TPs will end up being half empty… :disappointed_relieved:


They continue selling the Star Wars guided tour though, and at the same ridiculous price even if it’s minus the SW fireworks, minus galaxy far far away and now minus the academy !!! Honestly, they have no shame…


Is this typical for November ? Closing so many things at the same time ? If so, I’m never going in November ever again…


Ack! Thought my DD would get the courage to do this, this time. It will make my DHS plan easier, though, if she doesn’t.


This is awful. :frowning:


It’s typical of them preparing to build and open so much new stuff.


It really sucks…my son will be SO disappointed…


Maybe the RD dash for Slinky will calm down a bit if the Jedi lines are longer.

Hopefully, the Jedi Training in SWGE will be a bigger production, maybe in a small outdoor theater with seating, and bigger/better effects. I thought it was (and still is) an absolute riot.


It does suck, it’s great that the parks will be bigger and better but it’s rubbish for people going in between.


A poster over on Mouseowners, who’s wife is a TA has posted that it is closing, with plans to re-open at a later, unspecified, date.

This is as good as confirmation as an announcement from Disney really. Sorry :sob:


What a bummer!! I really enjoyed this show last trip and my oldest two kids LOVED it. One of their top highlights for sure. I was looking forward to DD4 being old enough to participate this time since she just had to watch before. It does make my HS TP easier though. AND if they reopen it I have a reason to plan another trip!


This is what I was referring to the other day (it had been posted in the same site as a rumor the other day). I am getting a bit disillusioned with Disney, to be honest. I feel like the only news I’ve gotten regarding our upcoming trip is attraction and show cancellations/ closings and price increases. It’s a total turn-off.


Disappointed, we are due to be in Hs the day after it ends. We we would have known sooner then maybe I would have changed things around


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again - take anything/everything that comes from WDWNT with a grain - or maybe a pillar - of salt. The site is notorious for posting click bait headlines that may be based on nothing but rumors. They may be right, but I wouldn’t get too wound up until it’s confirmed on other sites


I’m more wound up about the fact that pricing keeps increasing while experience opportunities decrease. THAT is not a rumor.


Awww man. Peter Pan is closing when we’re there (one of my son’s favorite rides). Tomorrowland Speedway is closed when we’re there (my other son’s favorite ride). And now…maybe…Jedi Training?! Arg! That is so frustrating!


I’m in the same boat and it is so discouraging and frustrating


I just clicked the link and the article now says:

“UPDATE: Disney has told us that their representative misspoke and the show will not close anytime soon.”

Maybe good news?