Jedi Training Academy coming to an end?

Does anyone know if JTA is scheduled to come an end or does the schedule/calendar only come out about a month or so in advance? TIA!

No word on it ending. It's pretty popular. The schedules do often come out later and could change.

Thanks, @DarthD !

I am trying to cut and paste the URL to another thread but it looks strange in the preview window. This thread seems to say it happened before and it was an IT issue.

So it is probably the same issue. I'll just keep checking and call IT as well if need be. Thanks @PrincipalTinker for posting the link to the thread.

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Don't DO that to me at 3 in the morning!!! PANIC!!! Plan trip to HS for RIGHT NOW!! RD for JTA TODAY, TODAY, TODAY!

OK, tech issue, God willing.

Have to plan JTA for this upcoming year (2015), as it is the only time all three of my DS can participate at once (oldest will be 12 and youngest is finally 4!)

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