Jedi Training Academy and EMH

Hi! Totally new here. So excited a friend told me about this website and forum!

I have a question about arriving at HS for EMH and signing up for the Jedi Training. Does the park have ADR even before the EMH? I didn’t think they did but now I’m not sure. When should we arrive to sign up? The park opens at 9am for general public and 8am for EMH. I was planning on arriving at 7:45 and going straight to sign up at 8. Now I’m hearing that there are lines before the park is even open? We’ve never done Jedi Training before.

Also, should I send my husband and daughter to the line for TSMM while my son and I sign up for Jedi Academy or just FP the ride?

Thanks in advance!

Put Jedi training into the search box and you will see lots of posts on this. I would arrive by 7:30, earlier if you want a particular time or the crowds are going to be heavy. ADR’s rarely start before 8am. You should have time for JSU & TSMM without a FP before 9am.

Thank you!