Jedi Training 2020

We are not Star Wars fans, is the Jedi training still fun for kids?
Do you have to be there 30 mins before the show or can you show up 15 mins ?
Thank you!

You have to register for it at the start of the day, the child(ren) need to be there too. You then get a time slot and you return 30 minutes before that time for the kids to get into their robes.

In the past it used to be that you needed to be at DHS at least at rope drop, and preferably a little before, to be able to register. It seems it’s popularity has waned a little with people rushing to TSL and GE.

Does anyone know how late you can sign up for this after park opening time from recent personal experience?

That will depend on when you’re going and how busy the park is, plus the unpredictability factor (who’s tee that day, any cancellations etc).

Right now though is too unpredictable to be of any use. The opening of Rise of the Resistance is skewing things so much that I doubt what was true 4 weeks ago or even last week will be the same as yesterday.