Jedi @ HS July: EM 7am & 8am opening

So. July 10 visit to HS. HS crowd level 6. We are staying off-site for once. Park opens 8am. EMH 7am-8am for the on-site hotel folks. I was seriously considering having this be a sleep-in day, since looking over FPs for a month from now for an idea, unlikely to get a TSMM FP until 2 or 3pm if we are booking at the 30-day mark. And looking at it, nothing else my kids DD7 and DS9 care about is a Must for early morning. (They are a little young—one might say chicken—for the truly scary rides, even Slinky Dog likely too much.) BUT. Also bringing DS4 this year. He would maybe love Jedi training. (Or maybe too young and I should wait for a future year!) The question: if EMH folks get in 7am, you think there will be any Jedi spot left 8am? Most of them will probably scoot over to TSL, but will just enough go sign-up for jedi that I should splurge on yet another early ADR? There’s a 7:45 I could get. That’s kind of a sucky time with an 8am opening, though. Although if the only reason we want in early is Jedi, I suppose it’s fine? And then we amble over to TOT if my older kids are un-chicken or GMR or something if they want something more staid. Would love to hear anyone’s overall thoughts, and thoughts on remaining Jedi sign-ups if we don’t get in till 8 on an EMH 7am day.