Jedi Academy Age

So, how picky are they during sign-ups for the Jedi Academy? My DD is going to be 4 on 4/17. We will be in Disney during 3/31 to 4/8 (so about 2 weeks before she’s officially 4). Are they seriously going to ask her how old she is, or will they take my word for it that she’s 4?

This is my first trip to Disney in about 10 years…and my first ever as a parent, so I’m feeling like a newbie all over again.

They’ll take your word for it. They don’t scan your magic band or anything, so there’s really no way for them to know the ages of the people in your party.

I think they set the minimum at 4 so that the child’s able to do several things that a school aged child can do.

First, will she stay still for 30 minutes? Next, will she be able to take instruction to fight the bad guys? Last, will she know that this is all just pretend and nothing to be afraid of? Will she enjoy it and have fun?

I’m not trying to discourage you. You know her best. We just did this and our DD is 10. Even I was frustrated with the 30 minute pre-training period where they just stand in a line while the CMs hand out robes and line them up by height. I was surprised by the disorganization of this part of the academy.

If you’d like more detail on the whole process, I’m happy to share. Just let me know.


Thanks…yes, she’s pretty good at waiting…she’s sat still for full-length movies since she was 2ish. She knows all about Star Wars thanks to me and DH, and has watched clips of the academy on Youtube and very much wants to do it. She’s a pretty mature little one…

That being said…if we are waiting and something happens in the way of an unexpected melt-down, is it possible to just watch the show as a spectator?

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I don’t know about the meltdown, but be aware they will ask your child, not you, their age, so you need to be sure she will say 4.

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Good call @missoverexcited. I forgot about that. Got burned at Cape May when DD replied that she was 10. This is true, which is why she said it, but she was 9 at the start of the vacation. She doesn’t eat like a “Disney Adult” so I would have preferred the kid pricing! Bad mommy!!

@vampycat, yes, she can just watch if that happens. Sounds like she will be cool with it though. Go for it! And, just ask her to say she’s 4…!

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I watched Jedi training on youtube with my DS4 before we went so he knew what to expect. He loved it! They will definitely ask your daughter how old she is though. You might discuss the “you get to do this because you’re 4” in advance. Appropriate or not, children have been called out on stage during the show for not following instructions well when the CM suspects that the child is only 3.

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Have seen kids and parents called out by Jefi Master during the show re age. Comments ranged from comical to really nasty. " Well your parents lied to get you on stage"

They also will ask your child questions like “can you follow directions” and things like that. The CM questioning my children got a little upset when DS10 decided to be funny and start saying “well I don’t follow directions very well.” He wouldn’t go any further until he got my son to say yes, I can follow directions.

Not to stir the pot, but my DD would be terrified to lie about her age to an authority figure. I know that honesty is a good thing but sometimes we feel the need to stretch the truth. Could you just throw her a little party with a cake and tell her it’s her B-day? Then as far as she knows she won’t be fibbing, and you won’t have to answer the questions about why it’s OK.

Yes, we’ll be doing something along those lines.

Thanks for all the info, everybody. I feel more prepared to give this a try…but, also glad that we’d be able to watch the show, even if she doesn’t end up going onstage.